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10 Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Catalina 6 months ago - in Love

Sorry, single girls, but Valentine’s Day is meant for couples. Truly happy couples honor and cherish their love on a daily basis, but those new unions or couples that get stuck in a rut have only one day to remember their love. Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of the power of eternal love. There is a special bonding that happens on that day. Purchasing a romantic gift for your significant other is not enough to remind your partner of how much you love him, though. You need to come up with some unusual ideas like these:

1. Serenade

Many decades ago, men serenaded women, while nowadays nobody composes and sings serenades. Some believe it is a shame. Others think it is outdated. Even though we live in a modern world, why not borrow some romantic ideas from the past? Whether you have skills for singing or not, get out of your comfort zone and serenade your significant other On February 14. The place and time do not matter at all.

2. Romantic dinner swap

Make your romantic dinner more special by cooking some new meals. Ask your significant other to make his favorite meals as well. You can even pick recipes together. The point is to carve out time to cook for each other rather than simply go to the nearest restaurant. Even if something won’t be delicious, at least you or your partner tried.

3. Window shopping

When you have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day, grab some hot chocolate and go window shopping with your love. Who said guys hate window shopping? Some of them love it as much as girls do. Plus, it is more about walking together than simply shopping. It is free, romantic and fun at the same time.

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4. Spa night

Spa day is a great idea, but spa night is something new that couples miss to try. Be it a spa night at home or in a luxury hotel, both of you will like it. Busy schedules wreck havoc on our bodies and minds, so why not relax on Valentine’s Day? Take the initiative and arrange a romantic spa night at home.

5. Winter Wonderland picnic

If you live in a snowy climate, chances are there will be a lot of snow on February 14. Despite cold weather, couples enjoy romantic picnics in their gardens and local parks on Valentine’s Day. It is unusual, adventurous and unforgettable. Just make sure you dress warmly and take along a thermos of hot beverage of your choice.

6. Rooftop dinner

It does not necessarily to splurge on expensive rooftop dinner, you can have it at home, of course if you have a clean roof space. Fairy lights or candles will make your dinner even more romantic and special.

7. Pillow fight

Why not? It is fun and exciting. Purchase 2 heart-shaped pillows and start a fight. Think of romantic prizes and punishments and see who will win the fight. I am sure, girls, you will be the winners. Even if not, who cares? The aim is to have tons of fun together.

8. New memories

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to create new memories together. Plan to try as many new things as possible and visit as many places as you can on February 14. Grab your camera to capture your memories. Once you two are home, create a heart-shaped photobook and include all of your best photos in it.

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9. Love at first sight

Go to a local bar or park and pretend to be total strangers who meet for the first time. Talk like you know nothing about each other. Fall in love like you never see each other. There is something special about love at first sight. Experience all those wonderful feelings once again.

10. Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

You may think this idea is for teens or younger couples, but Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is perfect for couples of all ages. Each year my neighbors (he is 56 and she is 48) arrange a romantic scavenger hunt on February 14. It is funny to watch them have fun, though they have been together for more than 20 years.

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday. If you happen to have no partner this February, you can try some of these ideas with your friend. Instead of stuffing your stomachs and getting drunk, spend this day of love having fun and feeling awesome whether with someone or alone. What was the craziest thing you did on Valentine’s Day?