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How Watching TV Can Inspire You to Live a Better Life

Catalina 6 months ago - in Lifestyle

What’s TV set for you? Somebody calls it a mental killer and says that television has an evil influence on the society. Sure, this point of view deserves consideration, but if you take a fresh look at this statement and think rationally, you’ll understand that it’s nothing else but a stereotype.

Like medicines, everything in this world has its side effects and television is no exception. People who’re resistant to different kinds of addiction and treat television as an entertaining source of information usually find watching TV beneficial. Thanks to their positive mindset, they notice and watch the shows with a good message. If you used to see the world in dark colors, you’ll notice only obsessive advertisements, violence and other signs of negativity shown on TV.

Instead of joining a TV hater’s movement, you should do all possible things to change your negative attitude towards life. As soon as you reconsider your life priorities, views and choices, you’ll realize that watching TV is not as bad as you think. Don’t waste time and life energy blaming TV in your troubles. If you want to live in harmony with the world, learn to take an advantage of everything around you. I’ll try to prove you that modern TV isn’t all trash, but a window to a beautiful, mysterious and cognitive world.

1. TV is a perfect adviser

No matter how uninhibited we may seem, we’re living in the world full of limitations and taboo topics. Unfortunately, we’re often afraid to tell the truth, express ourselves and ask the questions we’re greatly interested in, because some conversations have the power to harm reputations, relationships and careers. Many introverted personalities don’t like to give publicity to their lives and prefer not to find a solution to their problems with a psychologist. But it doesn’t mean that they’re indifferent about their issues. They are always looking for a valuable, but anonymous advice. In such a case, I think that only TV can give them a helping hand. Modern TV shows are full of qualified tips and pieces of advice on how to make a difficult decision and how to behave in different life situations.

I’m not an introvert, yet when I feel that my mind is full of contradictions and doubt about something, I switch on the TV, trying to find the shows dedicated to the problem. There’s no guarantee that those shows help me handle my difficult situation at once, but it certainly makes me more aware of my issue. When I see people talking their problems out and providing me with a practical and real advice, I become more confident and start to believe that everything will be okay.

2. It can help you find yourself

The process of finding your calling has always been a challenging thing for every human being. If you’re just sitting at home and thinking that next morning you’ll wake up and understand whom do you want to be, then you’re just wasting time. The miracle won’t happen until you start taking efforts to try yourself in different work spheres, and interacting with people who can give you a good advice on what way to choose and how to make a first confident step.

It’s hard to believe, but television can play an important role in your life and help you define what you want. When you watch films or TV shows, you unwittingly analyze the lifestyles of your favorite characters and get acquainted with the professions you’ve never heard about before. You have an opportunity to see the pros and cons of many jobs and understand whether you have a passion for these activities or not.

If you’re very talented and gifted person, then your bold decision to become a participant of a talent show can open a new page in your young life. People who already know their true vocation are the happiest people who’ll certainly reach their dreams.

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3. TV can be a digital equivalent of friends

When you come back home, physically and morally tired of everyone and everything happening around, you can just switch on the TV and plunge into an interesting and colorful social media world and have a good time with your favorite TV characters and other digital friends. You gradually delve into their digital life and get so used to talk-show hosts, television serial characters and movie actors that you can’t imagine your weekend without watching TV.

I think that this attachment to serial characters and actors is not a terrible addiction, but a kind of a digital friendship. These people do their best to take your attention away from everyday stress and sometimes can even lift up your spirit in a twinkling of an eye. They can also teach you crucially important life lessons about family, work, love and friendship in an amicable and unconstraint way. While it’s better to be always surrounded with real friends, if you don’t have such an opportunity at the moment, then you can interact at least with digital ones.

4. It can inspire you to leave your comfort zone

The embrace of a comfort zone is one the strongest things in the world. But it’s not a top problem for modern people. They spend a lot of time and energy looking for new opportunities and sources of inspiration that can help them move off the dead center and finally overcome various mental barriers.

Unlike many other techniques, television can have an unexpectedly positive influence on your mind. Although many shows are made mostly for commercial purpose and carry no educational message, if you seek, you’ll certainly find wonderful psychologically oriented TV shows dedicated to personal growth and emancipation.

When you see self-sufficient and highly successful people sharing their secrets of success in reality TV shows, you start asking yourself important questions and try to find out what keeps you from achieving a desirable result. These reality shows can essentially dent your ego and make you wave goodbye to your fears, laziness and leave your comfort zone for the sake of your happiness.

5. It makes you smarter

When I was a child, I enjoyed watching the Discovery channel, especially the shows focused on history, general education and literature. My habit of viewing educational TV programs enhanced the levels of knowledge and significantly broadened my horizons. The Discovery channel is not the only source of wisdom, though. You can draw knowledge and derive benefit from dramas, TV serials and shows. I think that every modern person should be all-rounded and have some basic knowledge on a variety of subjects.

The statistics show that highly educated and intelligent people have better communication skills, because they’re knowledgeable enough to sustain a conversation even if they’re not qualified in the topic under consideration. Don’t believe in the stereotype that television rots human brains. Just watch educational programs and try to get to know something new and interesting every day.

6. It’s an emotional and thought provoking tool

Television has the power to awaken emotions in our minds and give us food for thought. As a woman, I can state with assurance that life without intrigues and emotions is a true suffering that can make a woman fade like a flower in a desert of boring and monotonous life.

When you watch TV, you experience a lot of emotions and start thinking about many things you’ve never thought about before. The producers of popular TV shows often invite experts and other people to raise and discuss complicated social issues and dilemmas. These conversations and social disputes help you mold new views and attitudes towards harsh realities of life.

If you want to cry while watching extremely emotional TV shows, then you should forget about everything and cry. Give way to your emotions – it’s very good for your health, if you don’t cry on a regular basis. I believe that women’s ability to express deep-seated emotions by crying is the main secret of their longevity.

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7. It helps you stay fit

It may sound strange, but today you have an opportunity to stay fit without going to the gym and sticking to strict diets. The most effective way to burn calories at home is doing physical exercises while watching TV shows focused on fitness and health. All you have to do is listen carefully to the instructions given by your digital fitness coach and repeat all the exercises shown on television.

If can’t work out in front of TV, you shouldn’t become disheartened. It’s been scientifically proved that when you watch sports and various physical activities, your muscle sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate and other physiological measures increase. It means that you can lose weight without working out, but this technique is not as effective as the first one.

Nowadays many people tend to say ‘no’ to social media and try to spend less time in front of a screen. I don’t think that it’s a rational and absolutely beneficial decision, because it limits your opportunities. When you watch TV, you become cleverer, wiser, fitter, and more communicative. If you don’t want to become addicted to it, you should just learn to manage your work and leisure time effectively. Do you find TV set a useful tool? What other cons of watching television do you know? Share your point of view with us.