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10 Celebs Who Changed Their Lives Drastically

Kate Gitman 6 months ago - in Entertainment

Many famous people had a very hard time starting out in life. They either took to crime or took drugs. Each one of the 10 stars on this list, though, turned their lives around. Then, they became the most admired people of their time. Life is not an easy thing and sometimes you should make some drastic changes to live a better life.

1. Malcolm X

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Before he became Malcolm X, the human rights activist was Malcolm Little, an orphaned child who went to prison for petty larceny and for breaking and entering. He began to turn his life around, though, when he was introduced to the teachings of The Nation of Islam in prison. He changed his name to Malcolm X and threw himself into working for the rights of African-Americans. A powerful orator and a natural leader, he rose through the ranks at The Nation of Islam and became a national figure.